A thief in Brazil tried to make a rooftop getaway but is thwarted by poorly constructed roofs. 

Here is the description of the video from LiveLeak.com.

"A recent home robbery in Brazil has ended in a comedy of errors after the thief and locals who tried to arrest him all fell through the property’s flimsy roof.

Video of this week’s bungled robbery shows the would-be thief perched on the fragile roof of a home in the central west town of Sorriso.

The thief then appears to bait several locals into climbing onto the roof to try and catch him.

As the men approach, the cheeky thief punches holes in the roof with his feet, sending his pursuers crashing into the home.

But the strategy eventually backfires for the thief when he attempts to makes his getaway, only to fall into another hole in the roof created by his own weight.

The man was arrested by military police minutes later."


Let this be a lesson to thieves across the world. When you plan your rooftop getaway make sure it is in a country with building codes.