Ypsilanti Michigan has a problem and that problem is someone keeps pooping on their playgrounds. This isn't the usual playground defecation where a kid leaves a streak on the slide cause they didn't want to stop playing. This is a serial pooper that has been leaving brown biscuits on playgrounds for more than six months.

In an attempt to help catch the slide sh!tter a local ad company, Adams Outdoor Advertising, commissioned one of their in house designers to make a billboard dedicated to spreading awareness  and help put an end to the playground poops. There are three rotating slogans "Do your civic doody, report the pooper","Help Us Flush The Pooper", and "Help Us Catch The Poopetrator".

The police installed a hidden camera to try and catch the pooper in the act and city officials weren't thrilled with the billboard and asked that Adams Outdoor take it down. Between the billboard and the camera Police have zero'd in on a person of interest in connection to the public poops and hope to have this case wiped up soon.



There is no way to know if this is really the Playground Pooper but there is a twitter dedicated to the dasTURDly duker.