Last year I had the idea to write and perform ten new minutes of stand-up every month for an entire year. This is a very unorthodox approach to stand up comedy. 


Most of the top comedians release a new hour of stand up every year or two. This is material that has been worked out and perfected. 


I am not comparing myself to these comedians I am just pointing out how long it takes to turn over material as a comedian. Writing ten minutes every month is not easy. What is even harder is getting that ten minutes to be something I am confident enough in to post for the world to see. This set in particular was extra difficult because I filmed it two weeks after episode 5. I was working on two different sets for all of March and April that I would be able to use for these tapings. 


I actually feel a little guilty because I used one old bit for the first (and last) time in this project. I did update it with a few new punchlines and I'm sure most people have never heard the bit before but I felt like I should disclose this information to you guys so you don't think I'm trying to pull one over on you. 


I know LeBron opted out of his contract today so that will dominate the headlines but I appreciate each and every view, share, and like that this video will get. 


Six down. Six to go.