(Photo Courtesy of Ramon Rivas)

I've known Ramon for about six years now. He is one of the hardest working comedians I've ever met. When Ramon started comedy there was one decent open mic in all of Cleveland. It was called "Chucklefck" and it was every Monday at a coffee shop in Lakewood called Bela Dubby.

Ramon was hungry, not just for sandwiches, but for stage time. He took it upon himself to build up Cleveland' comedy scene. He started shows all over the city, he brought in national headliners, and he has built relationships with booking agents to get Cleveland comedians noticed by the industry. Three years in a row Cleveland had comedians representing our city in the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in large part because of Ramon.

Ramon isn't just a booker or promoter, he's a damn funny comedian. He breaks down stereo types about Latinos with his laid back delivery. Whether he is telling engaging and self effacing stories or hitting you with Jo Ann's Fabric slogans Ramon is a great addition to The Alan Cox Show Comedy Tour.