Last night things got as "hard-core" as hard-core can get as 50 or so "white dudes in all black" were running through the streets of Cleveland and Lakewood with Machetes and guns.


According to reports on hard-core gang FSU (which stands for "Friends Stand United" but originally stood for "F@$k Sh!t Up") out of Boston planned an attack on a rival gang out of Youngstown, SOSF (Swing On Site Family).

The attack was planned outside of Now That's Class in Cleveland where FSU was gathered. They made their way to The Foundry and that's where the melee began.

Eye witnesses said the men dressed in black had machetes, knives, and even a gun. The man with the gun fired into the crowd then shot straight into the air. "A man was pulled from his car and beaten" another eye witness reported. 4 people were hospitalized and 10 arrests have been made.

The crime scene stretched from w.114 in Cleveland all the way to Hird Avenue near the Phantasy in Lakewood. 

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FSU was on Gangland a few years back. These are some seriously dangerous people.