Last month, I told you that the Smashing Pumpkins signed a new deal with BMG and will release two albums in 2015 - Monuments To An Elegy and Day For Night. Billy Corgan says the first of two is nearing completion - and he's revealed its tracklist.

Corgan says: "Thrilled to report that we now have our album in total - top songs are arranged and set for drum tracking. Over the next three days, I'll be focusing on vocal arrangements, lyrics, and tweaking the overall aesthetics of the record as I hope it shall be. At least then I'll be able to share a different narrative for a spell, and get off this merry-go-round we've all been on."

The record will be the band's 10th studio album and their first since 2012's Oceania.

Monuments To An Elegy tracklist


  1. Being Beige (World's On Fire)
  2. Anti-Hero
  3. Tiberius
  4. Run To Me
  5. One And All
  6. Drum And Fife
  7. Dorian
  8. Monuments
  9. Anaise
  10. WPC