On Sunday's game

I feel like we had a good week of preparation. The focus and energy was really outstanding with the guys on the team. They’re really holding themselves to a high standard. That’s the thing that’s impressive. It says a lot about this team to me, where they’re at, the identity that we’re establishing. We have a relentless group of guys. They’re tough. They stick together and are passionate about playing football. I’m excited about that and excited about the opportunity to play Green Bay this week. I have an awful lot of respect for (Packers Head Coach) Mike McCarthy and his staff. It’s a tremendous challenge for us.”
On RB Willis McGahee
“I think he’s improved every week in terms of that, getting a little better feel for the offense. He’s seeing the blocking schemes a little bit better. He’s getting his legs back. I think he’s getting quicker and able to move better. I think the way we’re managing him will help, as well.”
On the Browns being the largest underdog in the NFL this week
“I haven’t even seen that. I haven’t paid attention to that at all. I just look at our guys and the focus that they have, the beliefs that they have, the way they work. I think that we’re working to make improvements, and we have made improvements as the season has gone on. We just have to keep going. This is a great challenge, and our guys have tended to respond to challenges when they come up, and this is no different.”
Arnie Hamilton
WTAM Sports