The Browns had their final practice of the week as they prepare to head to Dallas to face the Cowboys. Injuries remain the name of the game with the teams secondary. Here are a few notes from Coach Shurmur.

 -Joe Haden missed practice for the second day in a row as he is dealing with an oblique injury. Coach Shurmur addressed the injury at the top of his press conference. “I know it’s right on your tip of your tongue, so I’ll just address it immediately. Joe Haden missed practice again today.

At this point, he’ll be a game-time decision. I’ve got nothing really more to add. I think we listed it as an oblique strain. It’s something that can happen with a very harmless movement. We’ll just see where he’s at. He feels better today. On game day we’ll decide if he can go.”

- With Haden a game time decision the next guy out is Bubba Ventrone who plays on almost all of the team’s special teams will miss the contest as he’s dealing with a calf injury.

-Rob Ryan has been known to blitz a ton but this season he has been less of a blitzing type defense and played more vanilla. Coach Shurmur was asked how difficult that is to prepare for, “I think you always look back at what they’ve liked to do at other places, but then

I think it’s extremely important to watch the coordinator working with the players that he has and the situation that he’s in. I’m sure there are going to be wrinkles that we’re going to see. For the most part, the way they play the game, it will be similar. Every team puts in wrinkles for each new opponent. Having some of that knowledge of what he likes to do may help. We’ll see.”

 -Shurmur was asked if he expects his team to play better in the 2nd half of the season, “I anticipate it because I believe in the players that we have on this roster - that the more they played, the better they would get. Yeah, I anticipated that.”