The Browns are now battling with a shortened secondary as they prepare for the Dallas Cowboys. Here are a few notes from today’s practice and press conferences.

-Joe Haden missed practice along with Bubba Ventrone and Dimitri Patterson. Patterson has been out for over a month so that’s not a surprise. Ventrone has been banged up all season but was seen in the locker room.

The concerning injury is with Haden who just on Monday was saying how important the last 7 games of the season are for he and his team mates. He also made it clear that he wanted to make a statement against Dallas.

-Now from what I’ve gathered Haden was hurt early in practice on Wednesday with an oblique injury. He was listed as a limited participant on Wednesday. Today he was listed as non participant and wasn’t seen in the locker room.

-Players in the locker room seemed confident that Haden will be able to return but at the same time they all were very cautious when it came to talking about Haden playing this week.

Safety Usama Young placed it best when he said” the good thing is we have some young hungry guys in this locker room that have gained some experience earlier in the year and they are hungry to go out and compete.”

- Coach Shurmur was asked what makes Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant standout, you just look at him. Physically he’s big, he can run and he’s got great ball skills so he has all the things you’re looking for in a big time threat. (Tony) Romo does a good job of putting the ball where he can go get it.”

-With Phil Dawson going into the University Of Texas Hall Of Honor last week and going back to play in Dallas Shurmur was asked what makes Dawson so special, “I think he’s one of the outstanding kickers of this league. I’m fond of the way he practices, I’m fond of the way he prepares and he’s just clutch.

There are some guys that are just clutch at doing what they do and I think that’s what separates some guys from being great too good to not so good. He’s displayed by producing the way he does that he’s one of the great kickers.”

-Shurmur was asked if Josh Gordon compares to Dez Bryant and he agreed but proceeded with caution, “If you just look at him size wise you could probably name off taller, sudden, big receivers. I think you’d start there. I guess I’d hold back on comparisons. I’m going to hold back on that right now.”