(Opening statement)- “I’m pleased, we’ve had two great days. We’ve got a lot of work done these last two days. Guys are really, really showing up. They are hungry, ready to go and there’s a lot of energy and excitement out there.

We’ve thrown a lot at them, this is the second day. We’ve mixed in and worked some different situations, introduced some third down. That has been good from that standpoint. We will continue to work on our install, but the guys have had a lot of energy and it’s been good. Hopefully tomorrow we will get a chance to get out on the practice field and get outside instead of being inside.”

 (On if Jordan Cameron is ready to be the top tight end)- “Well he’s not ready right now, we are working through that with him. He is learning the offense obviously. This is an offense that has featured tight ends and tight ends have always been a big part of it. He has the skill set that fits and he has had a good couple days. It’s a learning process right now and he has to keep progressing, but we feel good about him and where he is at right now.”

 (On how he envisions using Trent Richardson)- “Trent will be our primary runner. We will use him on first-second down and Trent has some unique skills. He can actually catch the ball well and run routes well out of the backfield. That’s one thing out of the last few days that we have been able to see. He is a guy that we could play on three downs. Obviously, we just have to keep him fresh. ”

(On what makes running backs excel in his offense)- “One thing is the flexibility. We are going to use those guys and put those guys in positions to run the type of runs in the scheme that they can do and feature them to get the ball in their hands.”

 (On if they threw more at the players today than yesterday)- “We were aggressive with the install schedule. We like to give them a lot so day two was just as much as day one. The previous two weeks we had worked on those first two installs in the classroom.

They had seen it a little bit for the last couple weeks and then actually getting out on the field and work a day one install yesterday and day two install today. Tomorrow, we will use a combination of the two installs.”

 (On how similar this offense will be to the one in 2007)- "We've evolved, and that's one thing that, as a coach, you hope to learn and grow. Defenses are always working to try and catch up to you. You have to try to stay and work ahead. One of the biggest things is tailoring your system to your players.

 Everyone has a million plays, but trying to fit what your guys do best and putting them in the best position to win is key. Right now we are building that foundation and building the base of what we want to be - not just as an offense but as a team, with defense and special teams."