The Browns are in the tough position of preparing for a team that has no idea who will start at quarterback do to the injury to Robert Griffin III. Here are a few notes and video from today’s action in Berea.

-On the day that Travis Benjamin won the AFC Special Teams award the team also announced that Josh Cribbs will be the teams 4th captain. As Pat Shurmur stated Cribbs is a tough competitor that deserves to be a captain this week.

 -Shurmur stated that he will have his defense prepare for the Redskins offense and not the quarterback. He believes that both Griffin and Kirk Cousins are good quarterbacks and that you still have to be prepared for the Redskins zone read run scheme.

-Shurmur said that he and the team’s scouts liked Redskins rookie RB Alfred Morris, who has already posted 1,228 yards on the ground. The rookie 6th round pick also grew up in Pensacola Florida in the same hometown as Browns RB Trent Richardson. How long have they known each other?

“I’ve been playing football since the age of six and that’s when I started to know Alfred. We were always little league rivals, we always played against each other and we became good friends in between all of that.

We played in a basketball league and everything. We’ve not only been arch rivals, but good friends too. Our friends got to meet each other and got to know each other over the years and we’ve always just been good friends.”

 -Shurmur said that the team called up FB/TE Brad Smelley because they have liked what they have seen in him and wanted to reward him by making him active and available.

-Shurmur feels like the team’s depth on the defensive line will be crucial against Griifin, “You’d like to stop him before he gets going so you don’t have to run so far. That’s, of course, a joke.

Yeah, it’s important we use our same rotation as we’ve done the last few weeks. You want the guys to be out there and be able to give you fresh explosive snaps. I think that’s important throughout the game.”

 -Shurmur was asked about the how the zone read and freeze option have become popular in the last few seasons with more athletic quarterbacks on the field and if he’s surprised by it, “I think you see things trickle up a little bit. We would all agree it’s important that we develop our teams and win quickly. I think when you bring talent into the league you try to do some of the things they’ve done in the past and had success with.

That makes sense. Every offense can be as multiple or as limited as you want it to be and you try to use the talent that you have. I think that’s why you’re seeing some of this stuff and I think it’s smart. It’s good football.”

 -And Phil Taylor may have had the quote of the week when he was asked about stopping RG3, Taylor simply retorted, “fire off the ball and whoop the o line’s ass.” Alight then.