The Browns will look to bounce back this week as they travel to Denver to look and break the Broncos 9 game winning streak. The Browns have had to make multiple moves over the last 24 hours. Here are a few notes from the day in Berea.

-The team surprised many by cutting CB Dimitri Patterson on Tuesday and many where curious as to why this came about. Coach Shurmur was asked about the departure of Patterson and he didn’t expound much on why now?

 “No, I’m not going to talk about the whys or what-fors there. I will say this though, I’m happy for him that he’s going to be able to finish out the year in Miami. That will be great for him.”

 -One of the huge obstacles ‘the Browns will have to overcome will be trying to slow down the pass rushing combo of Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.

 Today Coach Shurmur was asked how he sees his two tackles matching up with this fearsome duo, “I think Joe and Mitchell have played steady and well this year. They are obviously two guys that are at different stages of their career

- a guy that’s been a Pro Bowl player for a very long time and then another guy that’s a rookie, emerging player. They’ve both done a good job. They’ve been part of a pretty consistent unit for us.

Then the challenge this week of course with (Von) Miller and (Elvis) Dumervil, both guys are getting production. It’s going to be a big challenge. We’ve got to block those guys so they don’t wreck the game. Our guys know the challenge and we’ve just got to go do it.”

 -The other hurdle the team must overcome is Peyton Manning who Coach Shurmur thinks is one of the best there is in the game. “I think it’s fair to say that in this league as a quarterback, Peyton Manning is rare. He’s established himself as one of the great players at quarterback- especially of our era - of all time. His style, you’re starting to see his style of play and the style of offense in Denver like he had played all those years in Indy.

I think what’s important is that we’ve got to put together a plan. We have to go play fast. We have to go play aggressive. It’s important that we do what we do. We really can’t try to let whoever’s playing quarterback try to put us on our heels. We’ve got to be aggressive.

I think that’s important. We do know that he tries to change things and makes sure he’s not snapping the ball into a bad defense. We’re aware of that. We’ve got to do what we can to stay aggressive, disguise some things and play hard.

” -Broncos LB Von Miller has come into the league and has put up unbelievable sack numbers, something that hasn’t surprised Shurmur, He’s got unique skill and ability and he’s got an outstanding feel for the game.

That was obvious watching him play at Texas A&M and I knew his college coach at the time very well, Mike Sherman, so we talked a lot about it. He was such a dominant force in college. It was no mystery to me that he was going to be a good player in this league and he’s fit well in their scheme.

They use him extremely well as a pass rusher and then he drops back in coverage and intercepts footballs and he tackles the runner. I don’t see any reason why he’s not going to be an outstanding player for a long time.”