The Browns will look to win their third game in a row this week as the tragedy stricken Chiefs come to town. The Chiefs are littered with former Browns so this week should be interesting.

-The team had all 53 men on the roster healthy and practicing today, now this is not seen very often in the NFL in the month of December. Usama Young returned to practice after missing last week’s contest with a concussion.

-Brady Quinn is coming off his best game as a pro as he was named AFC player of the week, here are the thoughts on Quinn from Coach Shurmur, “I think he had an outstanding game last week.

 He led his team to victory, number one. He made some good throws. He’s a big physical strong guy. You guys probably know more about him than I do. You’ve probably asked him more questions than you’ve asked me. He uses his legs so if things break down and he has a running lane, he’s willing to use his legs. He played a good game last week.”

-Despite the kind words from Shurmur on Quinn the Chiefs are a running team something that Shurmur is well aware of, “No question. They’re one of the finer running teams in the league. Jamaal Charles, I’ve mentioned it already, when you hand him the football he can score from wherever they hand it to him. That’s very dangerous. You don’t get that from a lot of running backs and of course, they spell him with Peyton Hillis.

 Peyton plays in situations and he, of course, had some production last week. He had a touchdown. Their run game is very good, they’ve got a very good offensive line and it’s well coordinated and they’re getting production from it.”

-Shurmur was asked about former RB Peyton Hillis and he complemented Hillis size but refused to talk about his year coaching Hillis, “I’m going to talk about Peyton Hillis the 2012 version. I’d be happy to answer any questions there. No, I won’t put it into words.”

-Joe Thomas was not as giving when it came to Hillis as he said it was better for him to leave because the situation had become toxic and players didn’t want him here and vice versa.

-Thomas went on to say that Hillis was not a very popular guy in the locker-room last season as all he cared about was a new contract. -Last word from Shurmur on if he thinks Josh Gordon is beginning to understand how good he can be?

“I think so. I think as you make more and more plays, you develop a confidence that you can do it over and over again. I think what’s important is he still remembers the process and what he has to go through each week. I think he has to know that he’s done some good things. I promise you he knows that there are areas he can get better.”