(Put-In-Bay) - They won't give up the ships.

A fleet of tall ships will re-enact the Battle of Lake Erie on Monday afternoon, 200 years after the U.S.-British clash considered a turning point in the War of 1812.

They will fire when ready Monday afternoon on the lake's open waters northwest of South Bass Island.

There are 16 tall ships scheduled to take part. The event is expected to draw hundreds of boaters.

Many of the ships have been on display for tours and rides over the weekend as Ohio celebrates the bicentennial of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's capture of a British fleet near Put-in-Bay.

The Coast Guard is alerting boaters of a temporary safety zone and a special local regulated area for the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial tall ships festival on the waters of Lake Erie in the vicinity of Put-in-Bay.

The safety zone and the regulated area will help ensure the safety and security of tall ships participating in the festival as well as citizens who choose to enjoy the festival from the water and will be in effect through Monday.

Boaters will not be allowed to transit within 100 yards of any tall ship while the vessels are underway, at anchor, or moored at their event location. The prohibition will be strictly enforced by members of the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Watercraft, and numerous local law enforcement agencies.

The Coast Guard will enforce a 500-yard safety zone around all tall ships participating in the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial reenactment today. The exact course the tall ships will take during the battle reenactment will depend on the day’s wind and weather conditions.

Additionally, the Coast Guard will establish a special local regulated area encompassing the viewing area for the reenactment. This regulated area is a circle with a radius of 4,500 yards centered on the sound effects barge located at the reenactment site.

Spectator vessels may not anchor within a 4,500-yard radius of the sound effects barge, as they may have to give way to the tall ships on short notice. Also, while in this regulated area, boaters must yield right-of-way to event safety craft and must follow directions given by the U.S. Coast Guard patrol commander, on-scene representative, or other law enforcement representatives assisting the patrol commander during the event.

Event safety craft will be flying orange triangular pennants with the words “SAFETY BOAT” written on the pennants in black letters.

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