(Cleveland) - Vice President Joe Biden says the country must invest in infrastructure if it is to remain the world's preeminent economic force.

Speaking Wednesday at a rail car repair shop in Cleveland, Biden said improvements such as a new train station in the city's little Italy neighborhood will leverage investment and change how nearby residents think about their lives.

He contends, U.S. needs $3.6 trillion in infrastructure investment by 2020 but the nation spends only 1 percent of its gross domestic product on infrastructure and ranks 18th in the world for the quality of its roads.

Biden maintains that the U.S. needs to make the kinds of commitments that other countries are making on infrastructure investment but that some Republicans in congress are "sitting on their hands."

Biden accused Tea Party Republicans of stalling while the National Highway Trust Fund is going broke. Funds are likely to be depleted by September 30th if Congress doesn't act.

Cleveland Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is hoping a deal can be done to restore the fund before money runs out. She also would like to see FEME money used to assist cities like Cleveland in handling major pothole problems from the winter.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson says the pothole problem is a symptom of the underfunding of infrastructure needs.

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