(Brunswick) - At around 7pm on Monday night residents in Brunswick were caught off guard by a funnel cloud  that was later determined to be a tornado. The National Weather Service confirmed that it was a tornado that touched down, estimating it to be a high EF1 or low EF2 with the final determination to be made on Tuesday. 



Most of the homes damaged were in an area southwest of Rt 303 and Hadcock Rd. Other damage was reported on streets off of North Carpenter road. No injuries have been reported; a pregnant woman was taken as a precautionary measure. 

An emergency shelter was set up at the Brunswick Recreation Center for those who needed it.

Click on image for a photo gallery of the damage.

Brunswick residents received little warning as an apparent tornado approached the city Monday evening.

City spokeswoman Nick Solar says Brunswick has a system of sirens, but they were disabled, because someone hacked into the system earlier that set them off in the middle of the night several times.

Even if they had been working, Solar doesn't believe people inside their homes would have heard them.

Solar says Brunswick has a reverse 9-1-1 system, but never received a tornado warning from the National Weather Service. He declined to speculate if city leaders might reconsider how to warn citizens in the future.

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(Photos by Ken Robinson & Jack Callaghan/WTAM)

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