(Cleveland) The Cleveland Foundation is celebrating a milestone this year, and instead of a big party, the organization has opted for several small gifts for Cleveland residents throughout the year.

The first gift will be on January 16th when all rides on the RTA will be free. Riders will be "greeted with a little notification that their ride is free in celebration of the Cleveland Foundation's centennial", says Cleveland Foundation Vice President Bob Eckardt. Eckardt says it's a way for residents who don't know a lot about the organization to learn about it's impact on the community. Each gift will be announced around the 2nd of every month.

Eckardt says over the years the foundation has benefitted several non-profits including the food bank, and the free clinic which was actually started through the Cleveland Foundation.

Other groups that were helped by the Cleveland Foundation include cultural organizations including the Cleveland Orchestra, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Foundation has also funded several educational institutions like Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Municipal School District. "It's pretty much any institution in the non-profit sector", says Eckardt.

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