(Columbus) -The Ohio State Highway Patrol is making changes to the traffic ticket they issue.

Instead of paper tickets, state troopers have been testing an electronic version.

"It's just not a hand written ticket. It's going to be printed out of a printer in the vehicle and given to the person that's stopped on the scene," said Lt. Craig Cvetan, the Lancaster Post Commander.

He's hoping that once troopers get comfortable with the new system it will make stops go faster. In the meantime he says drivers might notice stops going a little longer.

Another advantage is that the tickets will be more legible. They'll also be able to be digitally transmitted to local courts.

"This information that we're putting in on the road can be pushed into the court system at night so that somebody down at the court isn't having to key in all that information that they receive on a paper citation," Cvetan said.

The program is being tested at the Lancaster, Columbus, and Marysville Posts. Once all the bugs are worked out and printers are installed in all cruisers it will be expanded.

"I think within the next few months it wouldn't be unlikely for you to see this implemented statewide," he said.

The program was “created by troopers for troopers” allowing them to avoid having to make an off-the-shelf program work for them.

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