(Brecksville) - A major artery between Cuyahoga and Summit Counties is closed for about a week.

ODOT is closing the Route 82 bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park today. It is scheduled to re-open on the 10th.

The bridge will get a whole new deck surface. It's the first time that's been done in about 20 years.

The detour is SR 21 to SR 303 to I-271 to SR8. A message sign will be posted at SR 21 and SR 82 to alert trucks to use the detour and proceed South on SR 21.

There will be ongoing repairs to the bridge structure from underneath that should be completed by early October. Equipment for those repairs will be set up in the CVNP.

The Route 82 bridge gained notoriety a few years ago when five men were arrested for trying to blow it up. They were given a fake explosion by an FBI informant and are all serving time in federal prison.

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