(Cleveland) - Multi-State Millions Raffle, a traditional split-the-pot style raffle game with million dollar prizes, is coming to Ohio Sunday, Sept. 8. 

Organized by the Multi-State Lottery Association, the Ohio Lottery has teamed up with six U.S. lotteries to offer the game with two guaranteed $1 million prizes.

Once sales exceed $4.6 million, additional $1 million prizes will be added for every $2 million in game sales.

Tickets can be purchased Sunday, Sept. 8 through Thursday, Oct. 31. The drawing is scheduled for Nov. 1, 2013.  Cost is $10 a ticket.

“By bringing the Multi-State Millions Raffle here to Ohio, we have an opportunity to see what type of interest our seven states can generate,” says Director Dennis Berg.  “Sales will grow the number of million dollar prizes, which in turn will grow sales and excitement for the game.”

Participating states for the Multi-State Millions Raffle (known in some states as the Halloween Millions Raffle) include Ohio, Oklahoma, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey and New York.

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