(Cleveland) Heavy, wet snow has been falling across the Cleveland area since early Thursday morning making driving conditions treacherous and keeping ODOT crews busy plowing and salting area roads.

ODOT Spokesperson Amanda McFarland recommends drivers give themselves plenty of time before heading out on the roads. Blowing and drifting snow could cause white-out conditions with visibility of less than two-tenths of a mile. "That's the distance between two light poles", says McFarland. The snow plow drivers have been working non-stop in tandem operations, but with snow falling at up to 1 inch an hour and high winds, it's hard to keep up with clearing the roads. "Less than a few minutes after we passed through it, it was hard to tell we were even there."

McFarland says it's also important for drivers to remember not to crowd the plows. "Please give them plenty of space to work, don't follow them too closely, we want that salt hitting the ground, and if you get up too close to them while they're plowing, you could run into a snow cloud, and what that's going to do is cut your visibility to nothing", says McFarland.

The Winter Weather Advisory is in effect through Friday morning. For more information on area road conditions you can get the latest updates at www.Ohgo.com.

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