(Cleveland) - The heroin epidemic has been killing more people in Cleveland every year. Now a major dent has been made in the trade.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Cleveland says nearly 100 people has been indicted for heroin trafficking and related crimes.

60 people have been indicted in federal court and another 33 in state court.  They're accused of bringing heroin from Chicago and Atlanta to sell in greater Cleveland.  

U.S. Attorney Steven Dettelbach says this is the single latgest heroin round up in the northern district of Ohio.  The suspects named federally are named in a 203 count indictment.  

 Click here to read (or just review) the 191 page federal indictment

Dettlebach says Wednesday's indictment involves the area's most notorious and violent heroin dealers.  He says the suspects greed caused people to die.

The ring operated from at least September 2011 to this month.  44 of the 60 federal suspects are in custody.  28 of the county suspects are under arrest.

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