(Avon Lake) -- Avon Lake Municipal Utilities has reported success in restoring water input from Lake Erie, and they have lifted all water usage restrictions.

Rural Lorain County Water Authority also says their water levels have improved and their water input rates are close to normal.  They have also lifted all water usage restrictions.

Doug Dever of the Lorain County Office of Emergency Management tells WTAM 1100 that crews have cleared an intake valve that had been blocked by frozen water under the surface of the lake, and have also installed temporary pumps that will help draw water from 300 feet off shore.

Rural Lorain County Water Authority is issuing a boil alert for a small area:

In Columbia Township…Hidden Oaks Drive, Crocker’s Landing Subdivision

In Eaton Township…Willow Creek Subdivision

All water being used for cooking, drinking, or cleaning equipment that contacts food should be brought to a rolling boil for at least (1) one minute prior to use. Coffee makers do NOT bring water to a sufficient temperature to sanitize water.

A boil alert for the Medina area also remains in effect.

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