(Strongsville) Vita-Mix Corp. An Olmsted Township maker of food-blending equipment for businesses and homes- has promised to create 265 new jobs in Strongsville by 2016.

 In exchange, the city has awarded Vita-Mix a Job-Payroll Creation Incentive Grant.

Mayor Tom Perciak says that means if the company stays true to it's promise at creating and maintaining the 256 jobs, it will receive annual grants, anywhere from 1.9 million to 7.9 million dollars for three to eight years.

Vita-Mix expanded into Strongsville back in March and has plenty of room to grow. "Vita-Mix has a presence in 80 countries at the present time, and we're glad that the majority of all the assembly work is going on right here in Strongsville, Ohio". says Perciak.

The company moved into a 175,000 square-foot building on Morgan Court, initially bringing 348 jobs.

Now the company is adding a third shift to it's Morgan Court Plant. Also, Vita-Mix is adding a call-center in a second building, measuring about 45,000 square feet on Drake Road.  Get breaking news sent to your mobile phone.Text "news" to 21095.

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