(WESTLAKE)-Some days were diamonds and some days were rocks for Diamond Services out of Westlake until the movie business started showing up in Northeast Ohio.

JT Diamond says his environmental assessment and cleanup company almost went bankrupt a few times until some film production companies gave him a gem of a financial boost.

Diamond Services is now working on "Criminal Activities" which is a movie being shot this spring in Cleveland starring John Travolta.

Diamond says they've been asked to clean up some old abandoned buildings to make sure they are safe for the actors.

It's not the first time his company has been called by Hollywood. Diamond Services has worked on "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" where the company had a crucial part in a scene Scarlett Johansson was in. They cut the mezzanine and welded beams in the old Westinghouse building to make the opening scene safe for the actress.

He says he does everything from assessing buildings for asbestos to pressure washing and cleaning up grafitti and cleaning streets.


Mr. Diamond says film companies have a tough reputation for being demanding customers but the pay well and promptly. The film tax credit encourages them to shell out money to the local economy.

With the introduction of the state motion picture tax credit in 2010, Ohio became a more attractive location for film producers.

In its first two years, filmmakers spent $73 million in Ohio, according to a Cleveland State University study commissioned by the Greater Cleveland Film Commission.

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