(Cuyahoga County) - Cleveland Public Power customers are being warned of a billing scam.

The utility reports customers have received telephone calls from a man posing as a representative of Cleveland Public Power’s collection department. He requests payment over the phone to prevent interruption of service.

CPP spokeswoman Shelly Shockley says the electric company does not have a collection department, never demands payment on the phone. She reveals that these calls seem to be coming from Utah, and have an area code of 801.

Shockley tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, customers are advised to hang up when they receive a scam call and to report the activity to Cleveland Police, or Public Utilities Police at (216) 443-2426.

Shockley says the scammer sometimes claims payment is needed because of a merger between CPP and CEI which is not true.

Previously, scammers have requested payments of $400, and have even called residents who do not have service with Cleveland Public Power.

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