(Cleveland) -- There's been a surprise shakeup in the Cleveland Police Department, as the city now has a new safety director, police chief, deputy chief and district commander.

Cleveland Safety Director Martin Flask is stepping down, and is being replaced by Chief of Police Michael McGrath. McGrath is being replaced by Calvin Williams, who has been a deputy Chief. Cdr. Wayne Drummond is being promoted to take Williams' job as deputy chief, and Captain Dennis Hill has been promoted to be commander of the city's Fifth Police District.

McGrath, Williams, Drummond and Hill were all sworn in Monday morning to their new positions.

As for Flask, Mayor Frank Jackson says he is not retiring, but is taking on a job in the mayor's office. The mayor saying that Flask will work directly under him in performing tasks. Jackson says, "You need a honcho now and then to make sure something gets done." The mayor did not go into specifics of what Flask's duties would be.

The promotions caught people outside City Hall by surprise, with news media only learning about two hours before the swearing-in ceremony that it would take place.  No indication was given in the 6:30 a.m. news release as to the fates of Flask and McGrath.

This comes after McGrath has come under a lot of fire for the handling of a police chase in November of 2012 in which an unarmed man and woman were killed in a hail of gunfire from scores of police officers who joined in the chase. There had been multiple calls for McGrath's resignation or firing, but Jackson has stuck behind McGrath.

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