(Cleveland) –  “Monster. Hateful. I hope he rots in that jail.”

That’s Onil Castro’s opinion of his brother, kidnap suspect Ariel Castro.

Onil and Pedro Castro spoke exclusively to CNN’s Martin Savidge about their brother and the horrific crimes he’s accused. Police also detained Onil and Pedro, sharing their mugshot images with reporters.

But Onil and Pedro were released when police determined they had no role in their brother’s alleged crimes.

The men, both in their 50s, are now in hiding in an undisclosed location, as are other family members, including their 71-year-old mother. The brothers say their homes have had rocks thrown through the windows -- one of them was broken into -- and they have been receiving death threats online.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, which took place outside Cleveland, the Castro brothers say they are grateful the three girls are finally free and safe, but they are haunted by missing clues and hunted by the media.

Unable to go home, they say they are trapped for something they didn't do. And they worry that people will always believe that they played a role.

"Absolutely," Onil Castro says.

"Yes," Pedro Castro says.

Their friends, they say, cannot fathom them doing anything like that.

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