(Independence) - Negotiations resumed Sunday in hopes of ending the Strongsville school strike. The union and the board returned to talks at the federal mediator's office in Independence at 3pm. 

The eight hour session produced no new deal although the union offered to extend the school day by thirty minutes at no cost to the district, a proposal shot down by the school board. 

Parents were there, holding signs urging both sides to reach an agreement today. They claim students are falling begin with the school year nearly over.

Superintendent John Krupinski, says he optimistic but maintains any agreement would be to be affordable and sustainable.

Striking Strongsville teachers stopped picketing Friday as a symbolic gesture. However, Tracy Linscott, president of the Strongsville Education Association says if talks are again unsuccessful, teachers will be back on the picket line Monday.

Linscott accuses the school board of prolonging the strike to win at any cost. She contends both sides are actually very close on most of the issues and maintains the board has saved more than enough money with strikebreakers to afford a settlement with the teachers.

John Krupinski

The last session with the federal mediator took place April 14th, but ended without an agreement after 12 hours of negotiations.

(Photos by WTAM's Ken Robinson)
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