(Kent) - Now that the royal baby has arrived, will the excitement over the birth die down?

Not likely, given the popularity of Prince William and his wife Kate, the duchess of Cambridge. In fact, the birth Monday moves the royal family into a new generation.

But why are Americans so obsessed with the birth of baby boy in England? Andrew Curtis thinks a big reason is that we have no lineage in the United States.

Curtis is a geography professor at Kent State University but he grew up in Peterborough, a town about 80 miles north of London. Curtis also thinks the obsession of many Americans toward celebrities helped stoke the excitement here.

In Great Britain, Curtis says people are divided into three groups: those who love the royal family, those who dislike the royal family and those who could care less. But everyone looks at the child's birth as a chance to move the monarchy into the modern age.

Queen Elizabeth II has sat on the throne since early 1952, and many in England think it's time someone younger took over.

An exhibition featuring clothes worn by former royal babies has already opened at the Museum of London.

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