(Columbus) - Ohio officials are praising a move by President Barack Obama's administration to delay a central requirement of his health care law. 

The Obama Administration unexpectedly announced on Tuesday a one-year delay in a requirement that medium and large companies provide coverage for their workers or face fines.

Ohio's insurance director, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, says she hopes the delay will lead to repealing the mandate altogether.

"It's one more indication that 'ObamaCare' is unworkable," she said.

Taylor still sees the law creating uncertainty for small businesses and that's holding up their willingness to hire.

"They're not looking at just tomorrow they're making decisions based on the future and so it still does impact the decision making when they look at who to hire and will they expand their business," she said.

The health law requires companies with 50 or more workers to offer affordable coverage to their employees or face potentially large fines if just one worker ends up getting taxpayer-subsidized insurance.

Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio says in a statement the delay is proof the plan is more onerous and complex than initially envisioned. 

"Americans deserve access to affordable and quality health care that best suits their individual needs, and government has no business forcing individuals, families, and employers to enter into costly health care exchanges," he said.

The Administration says it's responding to businesses' concerns.

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