(Columbus) - Many folks love the 4th of July for the Fireworks, which create loud booms and brilliant flashes of light. But one group that thinks the opposite of the holiday is dogs. The 4th of July is when the most dogs get lost every year, when they're scared off by fireworks, either by their owners or at a community display.

Sarah Tayse, Veterinary Services Manager for the Capital Area Humane Society, says if you're heading to Red, White, and Boom, or another community celebration, just leave the dog at home. She says if your pet has a phobia of thunderstorms, they'll likely have the same problem with fireworks.

"Use the same tool that you would use to keep your dog comfortable during a thunderstorm while the fireworks are going on, "said Tayse.

She says dogs don't have the same attitude about the explosives as you and your friends. She says, "They don't understand what you're doing is supposed to be fun."

In the event your pet does become lost because of the fireworks, Tayse recommends keeping up with their license and rabies tags, along with a microchip. "The best thing to do is to contact the Franklin County Animal Care and Control...generally they're pretty inundated around the 4th of July, since a lot of pets do get loose."

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