(Cleveland) - Protestors conducted a demonstration at outside the Cleveland Clinic today calling for an end to experiments on animals.

The demonstration was held outside the Lerner Research Institute at East 100th Street and Carnegie Avenue.

Ellie Israel with Stop Animal Exploitation Now, or SAEN says they targeted the Clinic because of experiments on hundreds of animals.

At 11 this morning, they also targeted Ricerca in Painesville biosciences lab for experiments on 1600 animals in 2012, including 728 dogs and cats.

Isreal says by the Clinic's own records, hundreds of animals were experimented there last year, including 692 dogs, 36 cats, 343 hamsters, 39 rabbits, 132 pigs, 202 non-human primates, and 172 others.

Isreal contends the actual number of animals experimented is much higher because mice and rats are not required to be reported.

Activists claim most the animals experimented on are tortured, but that the data is often flawed because test results for animals are different than for humans and are not reliable.

Isreal believes there are better more accurate ways to conduct testing of products and potential medicines for humans, including computer & mathematical modeling, epidemiology, in-vitro research, genetic research, and post-marketing drug surveillance.

(Photos by WTAM's Ken Robinson)

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