(Cleveland) - Cleveland city leaders say a review of a deadly police chase last fall has found that 75 patrol officers violated department rules and regulations.

19 will be referred to Safety Director Martin Flask for possible discipline ranging from written reprimands to possible suspensions.

The November incident ended in 137 shots fired at a fleeing driver and passenger who were killed. The 19-mile chase wound through neighborhoods.

Mayor Frank Jackson and police Chief Michael McGrath planned to appear at a Friday morning news conference regarding the investigation into the pursuit.

Police have already announced punishments for 12 supervisors stemming from the chase. One supervisor was fired, two were demoted, and nine were suspended.

The county prosecutor is conducting a separate grand jury investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing in the chase.

The police union has said the shootings were justified because the driver tried to ram an officer.

Jeff Follmer, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association contends blame should be placed at the top, starting with the chief.

Follmer says the tragedy occurred because of lack of training and lack of leadership. He claims the lack of leadership has affected morale on the force.

Michael McGrath and Jeff Follmer

Follmer also says City Hall has not kept him informed of the investigation, and he has been finding out details only through the media.

Timothy Russell led police on a chase from downtown Cleveland into East Cleveland and was shot dead, along with Malissa Williams. 

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