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The Doors' drummer John Densmore is remembering the band's late keyboardist Ray Manzarek as a gifted musician who was essential to the group. 

He says in a Facebook post, that "there was no keyboard player on the planet more appropriate to support Jim Morrison's words."  He explains that he "felt totally in sync" with Ray on a musical level, explaining that it was like they were "of one mind, holding down the foundation" for guitarist Robby Krieger and frontman Jim Morrison "to float on top of."  John adds that he'll miss his "musical brother." 

Manzarek died Monday at a clinic in Germany after a long battle with bile duct cancer.  He was 74. 

Densmore had been on the outs with both Krieger and Manzarek for the better part of the past decade over his objections to the way they tried to carry on as The Doors.  Their dispute resulted in a court battle, which Densmore chronicled in his recently published book "The Doors: Unhinged - Jim Morrison's Legacy Goes On Trial."  Earlier this year Densmore said his goal with writing the book was not to create further friction with them, but called it an olive branch that he hoped would open a dialogue between them.  It appeared to work.  Last month Densmore told "Rolling Stone" he was back on speaking terms with both Robby and Ray.